Business and Economics

Celebrity Advertisements and Buying Behaviour of Television Viewers
Dr. Santosh Kumar Panigrahi

The use of celebrities as sponsors is an important concept of modern marketing strategy for product promotion. Celebrity accreditation increases sales and benefits organizations / products, celebrities themselves, and advertisement companies that produce attractive, influential, and mind-boggling advertising. Some of the factors which influence the celebrity endorsement image and popularity of celebrities, relevant match between brand and celebrity, advertisement attractiveness, advertisement popularity on electronic and print media. The usefulness of celebrity advertisements to control the viewers and persuade them towards buying different products by the buying intentions of Indian youth (n=200). The finding of the study signifies the relationship between celebrity endorsement and purchasing capacity of the respondents. It has been found that the presence of celebrity in television advertisement influence the buying behavior the attractiveness and expertise of the superstars modeled in the advertisements. Results of the study show that physical beauty and expertise of endorser / celebrity have been found considerably influences attention of the respondents. The role of celebrity recognition in product value, consumer behavior in shopping, comparisons and differences between celebrities and product, and the pros and cons of allowing celebrities to be discussed in this paper.

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