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How does Glucose in Urine tie-up with Potential to do Exercise?
Muhammad Imran Qadir, Hira Asif

The main desire to investigate this was how does glucose in urine tie-up with potential to do exercise. 100 tutees took part in this activity and were undergraduates at Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan. Glucose is an essential energy molecule required by all organisms. Glucose test is for determination of the glucose quantity in the sample of urine. Exercise is entitled as skeletal limbs motion of body. Life of a human being is impossible without regular fitness of body. Test samples for urine were taken from tutees and labeled. A dip stick test was performed by us by dipping stick into urine sample. Variation in the tone of stick was observed and recorded. A questionnaire was prepared and with the acceptance of tutees it was presented to them and their upshots were recorded. It was deduced that glucose in urine tie-up with potential to do exercise.

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