Business and Economics

Empowering Nigerian Women for Entrepreneurship Education Equality against Poverty: Counseling Implications
Dr. Rosemary Ochanya Ogbodo-Adoga

This paper reveals literature on women generally and Nigerian women in particular in terms of poverty and gap between men. Nigerian women should be self-concept and confidence in whatever they are doing. The post Beijing (1995) experienced not that women should be represented but should be active contributors to every economy sector. In line with the topic, the paper discussed extensively on empowering Nigerian women for Entrepreneurship Education Equality against poverty. The Concept of the Empowerment of women from Ogundipe-Leslie (1994) in the foreword of re-creating ourselves explains the empowerment for black women was highlighted and captured. It examines the objectives and explores the Concept of Entrepreneurship Education, it also examines the method use for delivery Entrepreneurial Education and Education is a back-born of human development. Education on Entrepreneurship saves and could improves the lives of women and girl-child to be self-reliant, to be active and contribute meaningfully to their family and society at large. The paper importantly shows the roles of Counseling, it was concluded and recommendations were made.

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