Business and Economics

Charisma Leadership an Important Determinant for the Crisis Management
Mohammed Alkhawlani, Dr. Sami Mohamed AL Haderi, Dr. Abdul Manaf bin Bohari, Dr. Faiz Bin Ahmed, Dr. Noor Fareen Abdul Rahim

Purpose: This study aims to explore the impact of Charisma leadership on crisis management in the Republic of Yemen., the study added inside for the literture one of important factors that could provide solution for the crisis managemnt. Methodology: survey questionnaire was distributed to 30 public and private institutions in the capital city and 297 cases were used in the analysis. SPSS was used for the analysis of the proposed model. Findings the study revealed that charisma leadership has a significant value .004, which is confirmed, that charisma leadership style has a positive impact on crisis management. private and public institutions charismatic leadership style displayed sensitivity to the member requirements as part of the charismatic leadership process, by using effective techniques that developed joint liking and respect, and they spent time expressing individual concern for the requirements and feelings of the organization members. Significance: This study contributed significantly towards theoretical and practical knowledge in the context of crisis management. This study has provided empirical evidence for validating the instruments used for measuring the management crisis. In particular, it has successfully revealed that charisma leadership styles is important determinant on the crisis management.

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