Business and Economics

The Role of Forensic Investigation Professionals in the Prevention of Fraud and Corruption in Developing Countries
Mau, Kelly Kingsley

Fraud and corruption in developing countries is regarded as a way of life, norm in public service or a culture that cannot be wish away. Auditors concentrate of error detection and regards fraud and corruption as a secondary assignment in a given engagement. The primary role of Forensic Investigation Professionals (FIPs) or forensic accountants is to examine incidence of fraud in financial records. Auditors are fact witness, whereas Forensic investigation professionals or forensic accountants are expert witness not fact witness, they can testify in courts as expert witnesses for either the prosecution or the defense. This study evaluates the role of forensic investigation professionals in curbing the menace of fraud and corruption practice in developing countries using exploratory research design. Finding in the study point to the fact that forensic investigation professional plays a complimentary role to the government anti-fraud and anti-corruption agencies in strategies and policies to curb menace of corruption in the system. Also, finding shows that Forensic Investigation Professionals (FIPs) have significant role in curbing the menace of fraud and corruption in developing countries.

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