Business and Economics

An Investigation of Marketing Crisis, and Outcomes influence on Buyer Behavior
Asaad Ali Karam

Marketing crises can seriously impact the viability of a company, and buyers by considering the elements that affect the outcome of a marketing crisis, organizations could manage crisis situations to reduce negative outcomes. While crises have been studied from an organizational view, this study investigates the buyers experience when exposed to a crisis. Therefore, the aims of this paper are to investigate the importance of each element of marketing crises; That is, corporate social responsibility, organizational response, time and external effects, influencing buyer's behavior and study variations in the buyer behavior across crisis extent levels. In order to examine outcomes and the relative importance of the above elements, suitable analysis for the quantitative approach is used. The results reveal that organizational response and time are the most important factors in high/medium extent marketing crises, whereas social responsibility and external effects mostly influence buyer behavior in crises. Based on the importance of the elements, managerial implications are discussed. The three specific research questions investigated are 1- How do buyer's behaviors influence by marketing crises? 2- What elements influence buyer behavior through marketing crises? 3- What are the outcomes of buyer behavior through marketing crises? These questions are examined with an experimental design to a marketing crisis and measuring antecedents, and outcomes linked. The main finding of the present study is that the crisis provides an opportunity to show the skill and leadership of the CEO and others. Managing a crisis well enhances a company reputation. Everyone knows that things can go wrong. Problems are not the issue; its way management handle it. For most politicians, the crisis is at the heart of leadership and wins elections or positions. Therefore, improved relationships and stronger bonds with stakeholders, when a company responds to buyers with real determination and engagement that is a buyer for life.

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