Business and Economics

The Effects of Store Atmosphere and Sales Promotion on Purchase Intention─Perceived Customer Mood as a Mediator
Chih-Yi, Wu; Chien-Ping, Chung

In an informatized society, customers are easily affected by many factors before purchasing goods. In the process ofmaking decisions to buy products, store environment, employees’ attitudes, store’s sales promotion and mood influence decision to purchase, and that changes consumers’ purchase intention. Besides it, due to changes in consumption patterns, consumers not only can go shopping in physical stores, but also buy merchandises on the Internet. People have different considerations to go shopping in distinct channels. Therefore, it is also worthy to study the considerations that impact customers’ purchase intention. This paper mainly discusses the relationship between store atmosphere, sales promotion, customer mood and purchase intention. Taking cosmetics counters at department stores as an example,opinions of a sample of 276 female consumers was collected through questionnaire survey. The results show that store atmosphere and sales promotion are significantly related tocustomer mood, and customer mood is significantly related to purchase intention. In addition, customer mood is a mediator variable between store atmosphere and purchase intention and also between sales promotion and purchase intention.

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